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10 LB. BAG
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20 LB. BAG
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40 LB. BAG



We at Champion ice understand that dry ice has a short shelf life. The dry ice you Shop Online the longer it lasts. Typically dry ice can lose around 4lbs day. The 4lbs will, by and large, last for 24hrs if unused and left un-opened the ice block. If you want to Buy Online ice blocks in Houston, Texas then please read our important delivery details to know more about the shipment process. Our better Delivery option gives you a top-notch experience of buying ice online and also extends the product life, this is usually better value than paying for timed delivery!

With us you can buy ice packs Online of various sizes:

10 L.B bag:  Our best seller product- this pack approximately last for 2 days and can serve several hundreds of customers more than 2 nights. Also great for home parties, social gathering parties, school projects gatherings.

20 L.B bag: For bigger venues and parties. You can buy this pack online to give your party a great start. This pack will last for 2 days.

40 L.B bag: More of the same as 20 L.B bag! This ice pack will stretch to 3-day use if storage instructions are followed correctly.

For larger events, you can buy 40 L.B bags and can contact our team to get advice on the correct size.

With a marketplace leading range of products and services, we supply to an infinite group of industries for a range of needs and applications to go well with all customers’ requirements. From small retail packs of 20lbs for private party inquiries to multiple tons of weekly orders for corporate businesses needs our team can take care of all types of dry ice needs online.

For more information, you can connect with us and know more regarding our products. We also offer special delivery choices like before time deliveries, timed deliveries and weekend deliveries to meet your exact needs. Just contact us and describe to us what you need, we are happy to assist. We believe anything is achievable so if you have an emergency requirement and need your product sooner we are ready to assist you.